Additional equipment for filling a car tank with petrol

Additional equipment with a keyboard for the tank filling device.
16.03.2019. Idea

Ivan Perica
Zvonimirova 117 a
21210 SOLIN

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Frano Perica
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- Technology buyer, financing/investor



It is well known that, when filling the car tank with petrol, users often decide on certain amount of money they wish to spend (for example, 50 KN, Euros; 100 KN, Euros; 200 KN, Euros). This is where the problem occurs because people wish to come to a certain amount of money, but in practice, it is not so easy. It often happens that the amount is larger or smaller than the foreseen one. This creates discomfort for the consumers. The filling process itself presents an effort and requires focus. Another well-known option is automatic filling termination if a person wishes to completely fill their tank. This should not be changed and the point of this idea is not to change it. The emphasis is put on what has previously been described in the text.


Tank filling device already has amount indicators for certain type of petrol and supplemented prices installed. The idea is to install additional equipment with a keyboard to the tank filling device. This way, the consumer could type in a certain amount of money he/she wants to spend (for example, 50 KN, Euros, 100 KN, Euros, 200 KN, Euros). The filling would be automatically stopped when a certain amount of money is reached. Of course, the keyboard which is a part of the additional equipment can have an option to add fuel to a full tank. The idea itself enables classical fuel filling method and option of filling via described additional equipment (keyboard for exact amount of money). The consumer is to decide as regards to the option he/she wishes to choose. There are various technical solutions which can be easily solved and implemented. The idea holder is prepared to take part with his proposals although he believes this shall not be necessary.

Additional equipment for filling a car tank with petrol


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