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Calmag is a group of products for quality protection of devices against limescale. It is based on an innovative use of a variable magnetic field in the water flow. Novelty is also in usage of already used materials, but also in the model performance for each device protection against limescale (boilers/water heaters, washing machines, lavatory cisterns).
25.03.2013. Product with the required certificates – patent protected

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Project needs:
- Financing / Investor

We are looking for serious investors for Calmag water quality products.



The main purpose of Calmag device is preventing the sedimentation of calcium carbonate – limescale. We are all familiar with limescale sedimentation on walls of washing machine vital parts. Limescale layers in washing machine reduce its efficiency, increase energy and washing powder usage, and often cause a malfunction or failure of the machine.


What do we get with the CALMAG device installation?

  • All devices are protected from the limescale damaging effects (washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters/boilers, hot tubs, lavatory cisterns, etc.)
  • Installation of one device per doorway, you protect more apartments at the same time
  • CALMAG represents the permanent protection solution against limescale
  • CALMAG is a permanent solution for energy saving and low-cost maintenance
  • Savings: same wash effect with 30% less washing powder, dishwasher limescale removal salt not required, nor chemical protection products and fabric softener for washing machine
  • Rinsing of the existing limescale from heater and pipes
  • Few days after the installation, broken limescale need to be removed from machine filter, and from tap sieves and angle valves

Working principle

Limescale and corrosion are present in all systems that use untreated water as a medium that causes many technical, technological, and economic problems:

  • high-cost maintenance and cleaning
  • high-cost installation/device replacement
  • increased energy
  • increased chemicals usage

CALMAG device does not change the chemical structure of water, but affects on the substances dissolved in water, specifically the CaCO3 particles, preventing the formation of hard lime clusters, which are a main problem in the plumbing and various heating/cooling devices.




Technology implementation

The above mentioned technology has a wide range of usage in industry, hospitality, health care, agriculture, household, etc. Installation of CALMAG device increases the safety and reliability of the system, as well as a significant reduction in energy costs (up 60%) compared to the rusty systems without water treatment. Treated water does not change taste and chemical composition, because all ingredients remain in the water, it also increases the consumer quality, and is eco-friendly. The devices are sized for average water hardness and the usual working conditions (flow, temperature). For extreme hardness and for adverse working conditions by increased flow and temperature, we recommend our products from EXTRA series for which we give a special offer.

About innovator

The principle of magnetism in the water is something I’ve been researching for 20 years.



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