Defence atack police shield – D.A.P.S.

 This easy to handle and effective invention solves technical problems relative to effective utilization of tear gas in occurrences of potential contact between policemen and demonstrators preventing violent contact between them. Technology is protected as a registrated design in Croatia and Slovenia and has copyright. Prototype is developed and ready for demonstration. Technology is offered throught license agreement. 
08.01.2013. Functional prototype – Registered design in Slovenia and Croatia, Copyright.
Contact person: Dražen Tota

Tel: 098 438-506


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This invention refers to a shield with tear gas discharging which design comprises a rear tear gas container, and an opening-sprinkle on the sole shield, allowing discharging the tear gas on violent demonstrators, with the policemen protected in the same time behind the shield. When using a shield with tear gas discharging, the policeman is protected by the shield. In case of need, he can use the tear gas, but has also a free hand to use the truncheon.
According to the invention, no matter of the shape or material of which is made, each shield has a handgrip, activation push-button that can, but must not be embedded into the handgrip, the teat gas inlet until the sprinkler, the inlet from the tear gas container until the activating mechanism, and the container supports. The tear gas container is replaceable, and after exhausting the container a full one can be mounted.

Protective shield is characterized by the possibility to mount on the container supports a container that is connected to the sprinkler and to activate the content of the tear gas container on the sole container (possibility of different utilization if needed – e.g. tear gas, peppery spray, colour for the marking of violent demonstrators, mixture for fire extinguishment or after exhausting the container). The discharge reaches a distance of about 4 meters. The handgrip (see image) can be easily mounted on other police shields already in use by police forces


Defence atack police shield - D.A.P.S.


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