Imagine a world where our farms are run with help of sophisticated, exciting and beautiful web farm management tools, every single day, field by field, cow by cow. Farmeron makes it easy for a quarter of world’s population engaged in ag&food production to become powerful and efficient in delivering one thing every single human being needs to survive: food.


By bringing farmers and their production data online, we’re rethinking how agriculture must meet newest global challenges – of feeding more and more people with more than ever scarce resources. 

08.02.2013. Product in development

Farmeron Inc.



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Farmeron is a Web data service that farmers can use to aggregate the troves of information produced about their animals: diet, health, reproduction, milk production and medicine or drug dosage. Farmers have always had immense amounts of data but little training or tools to analyze it

So what does it do? Well, essentially Farmeron provides a plug-and-play software tool that allows farmers to keep track of all sorts of information about their farm’s performance. That might not sound like much, but in a business where real-time data can be incredibly important — and spotting trends early can mean the difference between success and failure — it can be a lifeline, says Farmeron CEO Matija Kopic.



About innovator

Matija Kopić grew up on a large crop farm in Croatia, watching his father deal with the massive data sets and spreadsheets involved in running a successful farm. Kopić began studying computer science in 2005 and wondered how he could combine it with farming.

The result: Farmeron, a startup that helps farmers evaluate data in a simple way and figure out what’s not working financially.



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