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 Unique shade systems for pleated fabrics and venetian blinds for insulated glass and all kind of window and doors with single glass. Completely new concept of inserting pleated fabrics and venetian blinds in insulated glass between two glass panes. Concept is made fully magnetic and cordless so it has all advantages which existing industry is looking for as solution for window shades.
Systems are magnetic and cordless.
22.01.2013.  Finished product, product in development – product has patent protection.
Contact person: Robert Šangulin, CEO

Skype: robbiemb
Tel: 00385-98-273376


We need:
- Funding
- Investor
- Technology buyer
- Partnership

The ideal partner would be a manufacturer of windows and glass. Currently we are also looking for funding and investors who would help in further product development and marketing.
There is possibility to purchase a license for the production and distribution in most global markets. We are currently present in the markets of the UK, Scandinavia, Spain and Portugal.



These systems are first functional and simple solutions for lifting, lowering and rotating of classical venetian and pleated blinds set between two insulating window-panes with at least 20 mm inter space. System is fully magnetic and cordless which makes it unique and different then any other existing integrated system on the world wide market.
There are so many advantages comparing with existing systems on the market so the product was awarded in the year 2008 with gold medal as the best innovation in the world on three different exhibitions – Nurnberg (Germany), Geneva (Swiss) and Bucharest (Romania).

We have two basic systems – INTEGRATED (for iso-glass) and ATTACHABLE (for application directly on the window frame). Both systems are magnetic and cordless.
All about systems you can find on

When the final user decide to use this system, window or glass producers who are our cooperators install it between two glass panes and we just deliver one or two extern handles depends of the ordered model. It means that there is no need for final user to mount the venetian or pleated blinds but only to attach system handles on the glass.

About innovator

Zoran Maksan – well known Croatian innovator.


Work on inventions:

Satellite antenna with moving converter, 1991 – 1993
(silver medal – Nurnberg IENA 1993)

Linear motor, 1993 – 1994
(bronze medal – Zagreb INOVA 1994)

State order for work on inventions, Zagreb 1996

Rotating tooth brush, 1995 – 1997
(gold medal – Pittsburgh INPEX 1996 )

Device for safer diving, 1998
(gold medal, special award – Geneve PALEXPO 1999)

Project for making blind people hear all digitally recorded data, 1999

Magnetic hammer, 1999
(bronze medal – Geneve PALEXPO 2000, gold medal – Lyon 2003)

Mast mounted buoyancy device, 1998
(silver medal – Geneve PALEXPO 2000 )

Self – activated buoyancy increasing device, 1999
(silver medal – Brussels EUREKA 2000)

Underwater lights, 2001
(bronze medal – Geneve PALEXPO 2003)

Sea fountain, 2003

Folding fins, 2004
(gold medal, KIPA Special Prize – Geneve PALEXPO 2005)



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Izvrsna ideja! Šteta što za ovo riješenje nisam znao prije pola godina kada mi je kuća bila u izgradnji.

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