Multifunctional eco led lighting – Lamp +24

Lamp +24 – connects modern technology, art of light, new way of ecological friendly living
Multifunctional eco ambiental lamp with new technology of led light and possibilities of programming using electricity or thanks to solar panels sun energy, whose function is to control sun light that comes to interior and comercial place that can be design with graphic solution, photography or programmed message and all of that can be changed.
18.01.2013. Basic prototype – Prototype and business plan are made, the project has been patented from the World intellectual property organization in Genova – WIPO in Europe for 5 years starting from 28th November 2010
Contact person: Valentina Vičević

Tel: +385 (0) 98-626-166


We need:
- Financing / Investor


Looking for:
- Finance for product development- for production of the model in dimensions M1:1 and
- Partner / company that will support the project and offer opportunities for the
development of the product and its large production and setting up for the market



Idea came from a problem – how to extend the feeling and enjoyment of the natural day light in the interior that reflex on our emotional and psychological state and in the same time to control the sun during the day that comes into the interior and use the energy of the sun. By designing the lamp important was today’s and tomorrow’s way of living in every interior and our thinking about environment and ecology. With the Lamp +24 problem is solved and it is designed product that gives the user a new modern way for a more comfortable and better life whille working, relaxing or doing other activities.

Prototype and business plan are made, the project has been patented from the World intellectual property organization in Genova – WIPO in Europe for 5 years starting from 28th November 2010, and it received the following awards and accolades:

  • Award for being nominated as one of the nine best innovation projects and future products organised by town Rijeka, Croatia, October 2011
  • Recognition for participation with Project Lamp +24 at Ambienta 2010 – TOP IDEAS, November 2010, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Lampa +24


About innovator

dipl.designer Valentina Vičević, innovator and designer of the Lamp +24
Born October 22nd 1984 in Rijeka. secondary education as a scholarship at the School of applied art and design in Rijeka ended 2003 and that same year she entered at the Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana – Department of Industrial / product design. Year 2008 she graduateed with project that was honored with several awards:

  • A gold award of Economy of Slovenia for the best innovation of the year 2007 for multifunctional furniture and project -4sides4-
  • Award of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, for her special artistic achievements in the academic year 2006/2007
  • Gold medal of journal Our Home , November 5th 2007for project -4sides4-
  • The “iF Design Awards” for project -4sides4home- that was evaluated on the outside surface,functionality, usability and innovation, and it is placed on the list of “100 Best in 2009″ of 3200 registered projects.

Since 2009 she began her independent work on projects in the field of industrial design designing new innovative products, participating on national and international competitions and fairs in the field of design in the Croatia and in Slovenia.
In 2011 for half of the year she was writing part-time for the magazine and web portal called Teklic design – Feljton dizajn. She is participating in various workshops including the latest creative workshop titled Inclusive design Extra / ordinary design in June 2011. in Zagreb, organized by Helen Hamlyn Centre- Royal College of Art in London, the company URIHO and the Association for Promoting Inclusion and there she made a new product – Hanger I -. All the participants from the workshop presented their work in Zagreb at the place of HDD, and after that the same exibition was presented as part of D-Day exibition in Zagreb where there won 1st prize, and right now there is exhibition in London at the British Council, Spring Gardens (7th – 27th January 2013).
She is trying to make her design innovations recognizable and part of the production, and then available to the general population.


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