Piggy Bank

Piggy bank that simulates the sounds of happiness when you put funds into it and has the possibility of growth and weight gain every time you insert money.
27.08.2013. Idea

Contact person: Maki
Email: ms1704986@gmail.com

We need:
- Looking for business partners who will implement my idea.



Piggy bank that simulates happy sounds when you put money in it. Also piggy grows and gains weight every time you put the money in. Electronic money counter would be embedded in it, which you could set to a certain amount (depending on the purpose of savings). Once the counter has reached to a certain amount, piggy bank would opened itself. Otherwise, any attempt to open the piggy bank earlier would be followed by appropriate words that would deter from its opening.

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Piggy Bank, 8.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings