Procedure for treatment drinking water – regeneration coagulant

The procedure for purifing of drinking water also includes the operation of cleaning the water by using coagulation agents – which are afterward put away as usless waste. Our procedure makes reusing of this coagulant agent possible. Considerable environmental and economic effects are being gained by applying this procedure.
29.07.2013. Tested concept

Association of Innovators and Inventors – Subotica
Contact person: Lulić Antun
T: 00381 64 921 8274

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- Technology buyer

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Our procedure makes regeneration and precipitation of fine particles possible in procedures for obtaining drinking water from surface waters. The regeneration line gets mounted onto already existing basic technology line – which in this procedure usees aluminum-sulfate, ironIII-chloride or ironIII-sulfate.

About innovator

Core Team – Lulić Antun, Pap Ferenc i Mlinaček Julije and associates.

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