SQE building technologies

A Croatian company has developed new «green» construction technologies based on constant insulation formwork, which is in its form component part of the final reinforcedconcrete structure. Compare to traditional methods of construction this technology ensure saving up to 30%. Additional savings are realized due to unneeded mechanization. SQE enables the construction of low-power facilities, which reduces costs through energy efficiency 30% to 70%.
30.04.2013. Product with the required certificates – protected by patent

The technology is patented worldwide, has won numerous awards (WIPO, Nikola Tesla Award, Green Mark, Greenovation 2013) and joining the EU gets ETA (European technical approval).

Pjer d.o.o.

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SQE building technologies


High-quality technologies for building applications
SQE system allows efficient performance of construction, installation and finishing works in the interior and exterior. The SQE system includes the elements of insulation paneling of high bearing capacity for walls and ceilings, made of expanded polystyrene (the EPS – the polystyrene) densities 30 kg / m³ or Neopor (which consists of graphitic particles that reflect thermal radiation like a mirror, reducing thermal losses and considerably increases the insulation capacity) and polypropylene variable «ties». SQE «ties»link the panels in formwork, carry and distance reinforcement in the formwork, carrying the final interior and exterior lining. All SQE elements are not hazardous for health and environment, create a pleasant microclimate environment and meet all technical standards and regulations on environmental protection.

The technology is patented worldwide, has won numerous awards (WIPO, Nikola Tesla Award, Green Mark, Greenovation 2013) and joining the EU gets ETA (European technical approval).

Advantages for investors

SQE technology is an intelligent system of elements that contributes to speed of construction, saving work time, with quality and quickly-built building as a result.

Construction price
Consists of material price + labor costs + work time + building quality. Total savings range from 20% – 40% compared to traditional construction methods. Also reduces loan agreement period and shortens return of investment period.

Material price
SQE elements are manufactured in fully automated systems. In combination with high-quality raw materials that meet all technical and environmental standards, they guarantee first class quality of SQE elements, available at affordable prices.

Labor costs
Intelligent system of SQE elements provides up to 3 times greater speed of both construction and finishing interior / exterior works. Requires low number of SQL element assemblers and qualified work force.

Work time
SQE technology significantly reduces work time schedule, up to 3 times compared to conventional construction methods. Grouping of performed operations reduces total construction price.

Object quality
Using SQE technology provides you with low-energy buildings as a basis of passive buildings.Technical properties of these buildings are significantly better compared to buildings constructed using conventional methods.


Advantages for constructors (construction companies or individual constructors).

Using SQE technology means saving on the work labor (4-6 workers can build and arm around 150 m2 in 6-hour period). Elements are light, quickly mounted and with no possibility of error.Concrete pump is the only required construction equipment.

You gain high productivity with low number of workers . 4-6 workers can build and reinforce around 150 m2 of SQE wall-plates in 6-hour period, including openings for doors and windows and pouring of concrete in wall-plates. More operations can be performed at once.

Enhanced worker safety
Low risk of heavy injuries caused by hard work fatigue. Worker safety in the field brings better work results.

Labor cost
There is no need for special expertise of workers, reducing overall labor costs.Enhanced work effect compared to traditional methods in the same time unit. Significantly lower labor cost per constructed unit.

SQE elements
Intelligent SQE system is adopted to worker, giving oportunity to perform complex constructions requested by project documentation. SQE elements are lightweight,enabling easy movement around the construction site, being both easy and safe to use.

SQE element assembly
It’s practically impossible to make a mistake. Only one person with basic construction knowledge is enough to perform quality assembly. There are no special tool and accessories requirements. Assembly produces inessential amount of noise.

Installation network assembly
Assembly of installation network is performed by cutting channels into the soft insulation surface on the wall or ceiling, avoiding large scrap and dust.After installation assembly, channels are filled with mortar made of chopped styrofoam and acrylic mass.

Work speed
Multiple craft or finishing construction operations can be performed simultaneously. Time of construction is significantly reduced. These are constructor’s prerequisites in building investor’s trust.

Construction equipment
The only necessary equipment is the concrete pump. Vertical and horizontal operations require no specialized equipment, speeding up the construction process.

Thermal bridges and insulation
SQE technology entirely solves the problem of thermal bridges and insulation, compared to conventional construction methods having additional costs (cost of material + labor cost + work period cost).

SQE construction strength
Geophysical and mechanical tests proved SQE construction resistance to cracking, with greater resilience to seismic forces compared to buildings built using conventional construction methods.

Construction season
SQE technology significantly prolongs worker’s season. Enables continuous work during whole year. With rising reputation comes increased number of orders related to SQE construction, together with opening of new markets.

Recycling and scrap
Whole scrap of SQE elements is recyclable and can be used for reproduction of SQE elements. Recycled scrap poses no health and environment hazard. Special advantage is the cleanliness of construction site.


Advantages for end-users

SQE buildings provide comfort of living and incredible energy savings to their end-users.

Important building properties
SQE buildings are in accordance with valid Law on urban development and constructions: structural stability and resistance, heat and sound insulation, hygene, moisture and fire protection.

Heating and cooling energy savings
Considerably higher construction quality ensures heating and cooling energy savings during winter and summer, providing ability to keep required temperature.

Low-energy and passive buildings
SQE both-side insulated buildings represent the most state- of-the-art construction technology available on the market. Buildings constructed using SQE technology provide exceptional power savings with ability to revert energy consumption!

Habitation atmosphere
Pleasant microlimate of habitation in buildings during summer and winter. Heat and sound insulation provide pleasant and restful living in SQE buildings. SQE materials present no health hazard.


SQE građevni elementi

About innovator

Innovator is Pjer Miše Veličković, owner of Pier Ltd



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