Valorization of waste glass

Waste glass takes up a lot of space in landfills (from 7 to 10%). It represents a problem because its half-life is very long and because it is being recycled in very small amounts due to high costs. Our procedure represents one kind of valorization of waste glass.
29.07.2013. Proven concept

Association of Innovators and Inventors – Subotica
Contact person: Lulić Antun
T: 00381 64 921 8274

We need:
- Technology buyer

Selling the project, partners for market expansion.



This procedure yields super fine ground glass. In this form it can be substituted for abrasive materials (5-10%) which are used for sand paper and other abrasive materials.

About innovator

Core Team – Lulić Antun, Pap Ferenc i Mlinaček Julije and associates.
We are dealing with the recovery and valorization of waste for about 30 years.

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