WhoAPI – providing extensive domain data on a massive scale.
21.12.2015. Finished software – protected by copyright
Email: contact@whoapi.com

US: (650) 691-8352
HR: (099) 451-2444

Web: whoapi.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WhoAPI
Twitter: @whoapi

We need:
- Financing / Investor
- Technology buyer
- Partner for business cooperation

We are a Croatian startup with a Silicon Valley address, and are looking for angel investors to fund further development and scale sales. Should a developer find a way to use our API’s functionality, we are happy to give our full support.


About WhoAPI

WhoAPI turns raw domain data into machine readable outputs. Making it easy for our clients like Wikipedia, Twitter, King and Google to monitor their websites, protect their brands, invest in better domains and act faster on various domain related threats.
Did you know that one large bank had their entire ATM system go offline because they forgot to renew their domain name? Did you know that big brands like Rolex and Armani are taking loses every day due to online infringement?

The problem doesn’t stop there. Millions of small website owners suffer every day from a host of problems that are connected with their most valuable online asset, their website and their domain name.

WhoAPI developed (and keeps developing) software that detects a lot of those problems and notifies the website owner.

About team

Our team consists of Croatian and international experts with long standing experience in the hosting, domain and web industry.


WhoAPI provides various information about domains and websites

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