Wind-salt pan (Vjetrosolana)

Wind-salt pan eliminates the negative impact of rainfall in the classic production of sea salt and multiplies the effect of the wind. Unique technology of the sea salt production. Increase in production 10-15 times compared to conventional methods. 
22.01.2013. Tested prototype – the product has patent protection.

Wind-salt pan Ramova near Makarska is already made and operational from 26.06.2012.

Contact person: Ivan Šimić

Address: Petra Perice 38, 21 300 Makarska, Croatia


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In the Wind-salt pan pool construction, the negative impact of rainfall has been eliminated, and the wind effect on evaporation has been amplified, and therefore it has extended the production year of the classic production to 365 days, and converted the statical evaporation into the production process.

In this way, Wind-salt pans increases the yield 10-15 times more than the salt production in the conventional pools. Structure of the pool is such that it reduces the collection surface, thus reducing the production costs.
The comparative advantage of this system is the opportunity to collect rainwater, which contributes added value on the islands.

Wind-salt pan

Sea salt production - Salt evaporation pond

About innovator

Ivan Simic, BS. forestry – the author of many professional and innovative projects in forestry, fire protection and hunting. He lives and works in Makarska, Croatia.


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Nikola Baržić01/02/2013 at 21:02Reply

Stvarno je šteta da uvozimo sol kad bi je mogli sami proizvesti a da nam još ostane za izvoz u druge zemlje. Dubrovnik se obogatio zahvaljujući trgovini soli.

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