For companies

For companies

Need an innovative solution in the development of your new products or simply an idea for a new product or service? Looking for new production technology? Want to improve some part of your business or business processes?

In a world of widespread knowledge, companies cannot afford to rely exclusively on their own research and development. Genius Croatia enables companies to use the creative potential of an „outside“ innovator, inventor and persons with ideas, and therefore to discover the new (or improvment of the existing) ways of doing business, products and services.


Why and when to sumbit a problem, task or situation?

  • By publishing a problem on the Genius Croatia you have the opportunita to focus an extremely large number of creative, innovative people and teams to solve your task, which is almost immposible to achieve within the company.
  • You can achieve significant savings in time and money; instead of seeking for creative individuals within the company or employing new people, you can find solutions this way.
  • By using creative people outside the company in solving the company’s problems, you are enabling your employees to concentrate on their main tasks and responsibilities.
  • A neutral view on the problem from the „outside“ often brings the best solutions and ideas, especially when exceptionally talented people and teams are doing it.


How much will it cost me?

  • NO FEE UNTIL 01.10.2013. !
  • One-time fee for the publication of the task/problem – 350,00 kn
  • Amount of the reward for the best solution you determine yourself according to your wish and budget.


Read all details and publish the Task/Problem now!