Terms of use

Dobrodošli na Genius Croatia. Korištenje usluga i sadržaja ovog portala i baze podataka je podložno niže navedenim Uvjetima korištenja. Uvjeti korištenja primjenjuju se na sve sadržaje i usluge koji su navedeni na Genius Croatia portalu ili su dio baze podataka.

Welcome to the Genius Croatia. Using the services and content of Genius Croatia website and the database is a subject of this Terms of use. Terms apply to all content and services that are listed on the Genius Croatia portal or Genius Croatia database.

The use of any part of the Genius Croatia portal and database (hereinafter Genius Croatia) presumes that users and members are familiar with the conditions and risks arising from the use of this website, especially those concerning copyrights and other rights as well as the protection of the intellectual property, and they agree to use the Genius Croatia content and services at their own responsibility.


Genius Croatia holds copyright to all of its contents (text, audio and visual material, databases, and program code). Unauthorized use of any part of Genius Croatia, without the permission of the copyright owner, is considered as copyright infringement and is the subject to legal actions.

Right to modify the content and services

Genius Croatia reserves the right to amend, suspend (temporarily or permanently) any content or service without prior notice.

Content of the database and portal

Genius Croatia consists of its own content, content of its partners and members, content of the creators/innovators – individuals or companies whose data are part of the Genius Croatia database and portal, free contents, contents created by visitors, and links to external sites.

All content that you can find on Genius Croatia is used at your own responsibility and Genius Croatia cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from its use.

The business relationship between visitors and partners, members and creators/innovators, both, on and off the Genius Croatia portal is purely a matter of a business agreement between the visitor and partner, members and creators. Genius Croatia will not be held responsible for any damage caused by the publication in its database, portal.

Privacy policy

Genius Croatia portal respects the privacy of its users and visitors. Registration data and other information about the user, Genius Croatia will not disclose to any third party. User data will not be available to third parties unless such obligation is regulated by law or the person, company, or team gave the permission for the publication of such information.

Genius Croatia can collect, in accordance with the law, certain data about users obtained while using the portal (only information about the computer and the internet provider). Genius Croatia uses these data to have the information that would help to improve the portal and to further direct its content and adjust it to its audience.

Genius Croatia is obliged to protect the privacy of its users, except in the case of a serious violation of the portal or in case of illegal activities.

By submitting the application form in order to enter the project (ideas, inventions, innovations), service providers, partners, companies or teams to the database, it is considered that the sender gave permission for their publication within the Genius Croatia database or portal. Exceptions are applications in which the applicant has expressed a desire (by selecting that option within the application form) that his/her data are not publicaly available, but only to a certain group of users (premium investors).

Project registration

Project, idea, innovation or invention (hereinafter „Project“) is registered by completing and submitting the application form. Project registration is free of charge. Genius Croatia has the right to refuse any Project registration in case it does not meet the criteria of the innovation, invention, idea or in case it does not improve human actions and operations sufficiently.

Genius Croatia has the right to remove all Project content from its database, website, social network’s profiles, and other materials and media at any time.
Genius Croatia may request, if necessary, additional materials and information. Genius Croatia has the right to refuse the Project if it is estimated that the Project no longer meets the required criteria.

Task/Problem registration

Registration of the task, problem or situation is essentially intended for business entities, although it is not a requirement. Task/Problem is being registered by completing and submitting the appropriate application form. Company or an individual seeking ideas, solutions, help or inspiration for a particular problem, will provide prize or financial compensation for the best solution.

The company itself by its own evaluation provides a specific amount of money or a reward for the required solution or more of them. The company also determines the method of solution delivery (eg, via email, through the comments below the published task/problem, pdf frmat, etc).
Problems/Tasks can be registered publicly or anonymously.

Company (or other entity) that publishes theTask/Problem must pay a one-time fee for the publication to Genius Croatia. Any further details and arrangements regarding the solution, idea, innovation or invention, the extension of cooperation with the innovator, are being agreed by the involved parties (without Genius Croatia). Payment must be made after the successful Registration and before the publication of the Task/Problem on the Genius Croatia portal. Genius Croatia has the right to refuse any Registration in case it does not meet the criteria.

Genius Croatia will not be held responsible for any consequences arising from the mutual agreement or a dispute between the Problem solver and the company/individual who published the problem.

User obligations

Genius Croatia users are strictly prohibited from:
- publishing, sending and sharing content that violates the existing Croatian and/or international laws; content that is abusive, vulgar, hateful, racist or chauvinistic and harmful in any other way.
- publishing, sending and sharing information that the visitor knows or suspects to be false and the use of which could cause damage to other users.
- false representation or representation on behalf of any other legal or natural person.
- manipultion of the identifiers in order to disguise the content origin that is published or sent via services on the Genius Croatia portal
- publishing, sending or sharing content that is protected by copyright, unless the author of the published content is also the copyright owner, or an authorized person who voluntarily gives permission for the publication of the content by completing and submitting the application form.
- publishing, sending or sharing unwanted content without the user’s consent or request, or by means of deception.
- knowingly publishing, sending or sharing content that contains viruses or similar computer files or programs made for the purpose of destroying or limiting the operation of any computer software and/or hardware and telecommunication equipment.
- collection, storage and disclosure of personal data of other visitoirs and users of the portal.

GC Club membership

GC Club membership is intended for everyone that support the Genius Croatia initiative..
One becomes a GC Club member by completing the membership application form and paying the annual membership fee. The membership fee is not determined, but anyone can pay as much as they like and can. Membership becomes active upon the payment receipt.
Members can receive information about new projects, ideas, inventions and news published on Genius Croatia.

Premium membership for investors

Premium membership is intended exclusively for investors; legal and natural persons
One can become a premium member by completing and submitting the application form; reviewing and approving thereof by Genius Croatia; paying the annual membership fee. Membership becomes active after the payment receipt.

Genius Croatia reserves the right, without explenation, to refuse the right to a Premium membership.
The amount of the annual membership fee is determined by Genius Croatia and may change without prior notice at any time.
Premium members are obliged to respect and act in accordance with the Genius Croatia codex for investors, specified on the Genius Croatia website.

Premium member is entitled to receive information about new registrations three days before the public announcement on the Genius Croatia portal.
Premium member has the right to obtain information on registration updates one day before their publication.

Premium member, with prior approval by the Project author (idea, innovation, invention) may require to stop the Project publication, due to commenced negotiations regarding the Pfunding of the Project.
Except for the purposes of identification, data access may be used exclusively for the purpose of better targeting and connection between the investors and projects that seek investments; security and information verification (for internal use only). On the Genius Croatia website information on the investor from the application form will not be published unless therwise agreed.

Intellectual property and Data security

By completing and submitting the application form innovators, creators, inventors (hereinafter Creators) agree to a public disclosure of the information listed in the application form; on the Genius Croatia website, social networks and other media, except in case when it is requested in the application form for the information to be intended exclusively for a specific group of users on the Genius Croatia portal.
When registering, Creators have the possibility to choose, if they wish, that the published content is not publicly available (it is visible only to our partners – investors and business angels).
While all of our partners are committed to protect the confidentiality of information and ethical behavior and not to copy/steal ideas or projects, it is clear that this is not a guarantee of security for the innovator.

We therefore recommend to Creators not to describe their technology solution when registering their project, and thereby protect the formally unprotected inventions (e.g. you can write what your invention does and what is its advantage, but not how does it work). After the initial contact with interested individuals/companies/investors, ask we recommend to Creators to sign the NDA (Non-Disclosure- Agreement) or other protective contracts.

If the invention is not already protected, we recommend that you seek for a professional advice, for a possible protection BEFORE PUBLICATION on the Genius Croatia portal.
You should keep in mind that some inventions have the basis for many different forms of intellectual property and if you publicly expose the content of your invention, it will generally block the process of further protection (e.g. in case of patents).
It also important to understand that the best timing for the publication of the patent in public (including on this website) is only after the patent has been already published in the official gazettes of the patent offices (about 18 months after the registration). If you publish it before, you are losing the possibility to cancel the procedure and to re-register the patent (usually due to lack of money).
By accepting this Terms of use, the Creators, among other, confirm that they fully understand specified risks concerning the protection of intellectual property and all consequences that may arise from it, and agree to the publication (public or only for the premium investors) of their project, invention, innovation or idea.

Genius Croatia guarantees that it will not in any way distribute, publish, copy or forward the information specified in the application form to third parties. Genius Croatia is doing everything to maximize the protection of the information from the unauthorized access (those information for which the Creators want to be visible only to investors and business angels – the premium members), but Genius Croatia is not responsible in any way in case of potential unauthorized intrusion on the server (hacking) or other unauthorized and illegal acts which may result in data theft. Genius Croatia is not responsible in any way for any misuse of the published data, or violations of the intellectual property protection right by third parties.

Commenting rules

Comments published on the Genius Croatia portal do not reflect the opinion of the owner and editorial board of the portal, or the users of this portal. Views expressed here by individual authors do not necessarily reflect the views of the redaction, therefore the portal is not responsible for any possible damage caused to another user or any third party for violation of these terms and commenting rules
Each violation of the commenting rules may lead to a warning or ban on the use of the users account. Administrators and redaction are the only authorized for the interpretation of the rules.
Users accounts are the property of the service provider and any kind of abuse is punishable. Each user is allowed to register and use one account. Multiple registrations and usage of several accounts may lead to banning all accounts. User can be disabled from commenting without prior notice. Administrators reserve the right to censor posts which will be indicated in such posts.

Rules of conduct when writing a comment

It is strictly prohibited the glorification of totalitarian regimes, hate speech, insults to the ethnic, racial and gender grounds, or cursing.
Direct threats to other users, articles authors and/or staff members are prohibited, and in extreme cases are subjects to criminal prosecution.
Posting pornographic, politically extreme, morally questionable and offensive content is prohibited.
It is strictly prohibited the use of so called hacks, cracks, or other material of illegal nature, including illegal download pages. The penalty is permanent ban n the use of the account.
Advertising and posting links whose purpose is not providing additional information related to the text is prohibited. Posting conent that is not related to the topis is not allowed and may be a cause for the warning. This includes posts with the sole purpose of warning about breaking the rules.
Insulting other users and/or administrator and inappropriate expressions is punishable.
Spamming (posting meaningless and unnecessary messages)is not allowed and after the warning may result with a permanent ban.
Writing in capital letters is considered yelling and will not be tolerated, except in case when capital letters are used to emphasize or highlight parts of the post.
False represenattion or representation on behalf of the staff member may be the reason for the warning and in extreme cases – a permanent ban on the use of the account.
It is prohibited to enter the comments that have no apparent connection with the topic that is commented (off topic comments)
Commentators who repeatedly violate the first two rules will be banned from the Genius Croatia portal.

Modifications to Terms of use

Genius Croatia reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time and shall not be held responsible for the possible consequences arising from such changes. These changes come into force with the publication on this website.

Content transfer

Transmitting information from the articles published on the portal is allowed only in case when they do not transmit parts of the original text longer than 500 characters, wherein reference to the source is required, and if it is a website, then it is required to put a link to the original text if no agreement on different terms is made with the portal editorship.

If any part of the text or information published on the Genius Croatia portal is being transmitted contrary to the rules, there could be legal actions taken against the violator.